Essential Oil Storage, EOB 2003 & 4003

Size 尺寸 (WxDxH) in mm



A beautiful solid wood box is perfectly fit for essential oils, Jewellery, watches or everything else you love. 3 drawers which can hold around 80(small box) to 200(large box) bottles of essential oils. The drawer comes with clean lines, it is simple in design, made of high quality American Walnut, it is a touch of elegance, a sense of style when place it at home, shop, office or even your showroom. With an anti-drop structure, the drawers are safely secured when in use. Products are coated by OSMO, Germany oil wax for protection to assure its safety and no chemical hazard. Specification EOB-2003(Small Box); Storage approx. 75 x 15ml bottles wide 200 by depth 220 by height 330mm EOB-4003(Big Box) Storage approx. 165 x 15ml bottles wide 400 by depth 220 by height 330mm

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1. 接到訂單後, 約2至6星期交貨(視乎存貨數量而定或特別註明),如有疑問,購買前請先向本公司查詢。

2. 落單後閣下會收到電郵確認,請查閱資料是否正確無誤。

3. 產品以天然實木製造,木紋、木色與照片略有差異

4. 天然實木帶有樹結、黑色條紋或補痕均屬正常,恕不因此退換。

5. 實木產品或因天氣變化而出現變形或爆裂。

6. 所有產品客人收貨後均有90日結構性保用(人為因素,自然爆裂或變形除外)


Terms of Purchase

1. We need 2 to 6 weeks to complete(according to stock availability) after receiving order, any question, please check with us before buying.

2. You will receive email of confirmation after purchasing, please check if it’s correct.

3. Colour or vein may vary from pictures or display.

4. Item may has knots, stripes or unpredictable appearance, no refund or return will be accepted. 

5. Natural wood item may appear distortion or crack caused by weather.

6. All items will have 90 days structural warranty(except human damage, improper use, crack, distortion and over load)

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